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Tamer Kattan was born an outsider and that's where he stayed. This Egyptian-born American was born into a family of Muslims, Christians and Jews, leaving him incredibly comfortable in the uncomfortable.

From school yard bullies to an abusive father, comedy quickly became a weapon of this underdog.

An award winning international comedian with TV and commercial credits in the United States and UK, Tamer has a deep understanding of the human condition.

A regular at the Comedy store, Improv and Laugh Factory in Los Angeles, This is one comic you do not want to miss live.


★★★★ "Of all the comedians we saw, it is Tamer who is a must see. He really steals the show." - Edinburgh Review

★★★★ "Charismatic and charming he completely held the audience through his set & had several members of the crowd literally bent over in hysterics." - Broadway Baby